Proudly serving Southwestern Pennsylvania since 2008.

Our founder and CEO started this agency with a primary goal of providing the best care possible for the people we serve through community interaction. We love working with people with Intellectual Disabilities.

Our agency sponsors several social outings a year - including a summer picnic, gardening opportunities, attending sporting events, movies, and the zoo - free of charge to our consumers. TLHHC sponsors a bowling crew that practices weekly.

We serve as a conduit that allows our consumers to socialize and make lasting friendships with other people with special needs. We are dedicated to the success of the people we serve and we go the extra distance to make that happen. We believe that our community focus adds to the success of the people we serve.

Services We Offer:

Residential— 24 hour care at one of our group homes located in Allegheny or Westmoreland County. Houses currently have two participants per house. 

In Home Care (IHC)—Staff goes to a participant’s home to help with tasks such as grocery shopping, banking, meals, bathing, and toileting. Staff also often takes participants out into the community for ball games, movies, bowling, and other fun activities. 

Adult Training Facility (ATF)—A day program run by TLHHC on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Participants work on daily living skills, nutrition, art, communication, socialization, exercise, music, academics, and more.